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Supporting System


National Pig Industry Engineering Technology Research Center's support company: Guangdong Wens Foodstuff Group Co., Ltd provides Shuitai originally breeding farm, Shahu originally breeding farm, Shuitai breeding farm, Shuitai originally breeding farmⅡ, Dongcheng test farm, Chegang reservation farm as the research bases of the “center”. The number of basis sows of these 6 farms reaches 11 thousand. All bases are equipped with modern breeding lines and field breeding equipment, having all the conditions to carry out breeding pigs. 

Shuitai originally breeding farm

Shahu originally breeding farm

Shuitai breeding farm

Shuitai originally breeding farmⅡ

Dongcheng test farm
Chegang reservation farm



Construction of laboratory and training center:
(1)South China Agricultural University has provided the sixth floor of the building, a total of more than 1 thousand and 500 square meters as a central laboratory and training room.
(2)Wens group has allocated to the first floor of Huanong Wens and second floor of Research Institute, ect with a total of 1000 square meters as a central laboratory.
(3)Wens group has allocated a small building for the central management and training room.
(4)Build thirteen training bases around China with the ability of annual training of 1500 people.


College of animal science of South China Agricultural University

Huanong Wens

Wens Research Institute