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Professor Wu Zhenfang researc

Professor Wu Zhenfang research team make a new significant achievement


Recently, post-doctor Zeng Fang of the college of animal science, South China Agricultural University published a paper named “Production of functional human nerve growth factor from the saliva of transgenic mice by using salivary glands as bioreactors” as the first author in 《Scientific Reports》(2016 IF:5.228) the comprehensive science journal of Nature magazine . (

The corresponding author of this paper is Professor Wu Zhenfang. This paper is supported by the national key project of transgenic technology.

This paper reports for the first time in the world using the salivary glands as bioreactor, producing human nerve growth factor protein which has good biological activity and can be used for the treatment of human nerve injury or degenerative disease such as infantile cerebral palsy and senile dementia from saliva of transgenic animal. This marks the first successful establishment of a technique for the preparation of human protein drugs based on transgenic animal salivary gland bioreactor. The technology has important application prospects in the field of biomedicine.