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Professor Wu Zhenfang researc

MA Jiansheng


Wens-SCAU Training Camp                     Training Director
Wens Huinong Swine Technology Co.,Ltd
        Vice General Manager

Working experience:
Coordination Manager of premix project in BASF
Chief editor of Guangdong pig production information networks website
Nationwide Service Technicians of Eli Lilly
Chinese technical and marketing manager of Lonza Group
Founder and Executive Headmaster of New Hope Liuhe Pig Production University
Working in the technical management of pig production and pig production training for 10 years. Be the first one to start the pig production training in China.
Setting up C.P pig production training, New Hope Liuhe Pig Production University and Wens-SCAU Training Camp for Pig Production.
Creating the theory + practice training mode.
Training more than 2000 people.

Training Experience:
 American Veterinary practitioner -Ginger Plauger-three months on-site training in the farm
British Pig Production Training
 American CVS pig farm management training 

Designing the analytical model of pig farm data, combining the production data with the site assessment and then providing pig farm consulting reports.
Lean production management training for pig farm.
Website service system construction and resource integration.