wens school introduction

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  The wholly-owned subsidiary of Guangdong Wens Group(the biggest livestock company in China) •The sales volume in 2016: 17.13million heads of commercial pigs. •The income in 2016 : 59.4 billion RMB.   Our primary business including three aspects: First: Wens-SCAU Training Camp for Pig Production. (Established in March 2015) •Training bases: 18 •Training courses: 200 classes •Trainees: 3000 from 25 provinces.   Second: the wensopen online school and the Wechat public account. (Launched in July 2016) http://www.wensopen.com •The first technology-based animal husbandry industry video website in China •Contents: pig husbandry, feed & water, daily checks and monitoring, service, wean to finish, environment control, etc. •Registered users: > 30000 •Sole agent for E-MBA online courses in China.   Third: conference organizer. •Conference: Technical Conference of Genetic Improvement in 2016 •Participants: > 700. Senior managements or technicians from large-scale farms (at least 3000 heads of sows) •The peak concurrent users for live broadcast: >20000  

Wens school introduction


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Wens-SCAU Training Camp for Pig production establishes five different training classes, including 1) Lean Management of Pig Breeding and Pregnancy, 2) Lean Management of Farrowing room 3) Management of Pig Nursing and Finishing, 4) Evaluation of Pig Farm 5) Farm Director Training Class. Lean Management of Pig Breeding and Pregnancy The Management of Gilt, Selection of Gilt, Semen Collection, Semen Processing, Heat Detection, Determining the Perfect Service Tim...