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Professor Wu Zhenfang researc

Training Class Introduction

Wens-SCAU Training Camp for Pig production establishes five different training classes, including 1) Lean Management of Pig Breeding and Pregnancy,
2) Lean Management of Farrowing room
3) Management of Pig Nursing and Finishing,
4) Evaluation of Pig Farm
5) Farm Director Training Class. 

  • Lean Management of Pig Breeding and Pregnancy
The Management of Gilt, Selection of Gilt, Semen Collection, Semen Processing, Heat Detection, Determining the Perfect Service Time, Mating, Pregnancy Check, Feeding Program, Nutritional Requirement, Body Condition, Environmental Management, Cleaning and Disinfection, Production Calculation of Pig Breeding and Pregnancy, Non-production Days Controlling, Structure Adjustment of The Reasonable Parity, Batch Production, the Gilt Program, Evaluation of Pig Breeding and Pregnancy, Report Learning and Usage
  • Lean Management of Farrowing House
Cleaning and Disinfection, Farrowing Monitoring and Sleeving, Batch lactation, Management of Colostrums Collection, Fostering, Environmental Control of Farrowing House, Umbilical Cord Cutting, Tooth Grinding, Creep Feeding, Tail Docking, Iron, Castration, Castration for Scrotal Hernia Pig, Feeding Procedure in Feeding House, Back Fat Measurement for Farrowing and Weaning Sow, Report Learning and Usage.  
  • Nursing and Finishing
Pig Disease Identification, General Veterinary Knowledge, Hospital Pen management, Feed Budget, Nutritional Requirement and Efficiency Analysis of Different Pig Growth Stage, Managerial Report Development and Application, Environmental Management, Injury Pig Management, Checking List of Pig Nursing and Finishing, Pig Disease and Drug Application, Health Care Program, Autopsy.