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Professor Wu Zhenfang researc

Brief Introduction

The National Engineering Research Center for Breeding Swine Industry (hereinafter referred to as the "center") was approved by Ministry of Science and Technology in April, 2013, established by the Guangdong Wen’s Foodstuffs Group and South China Agricultural University.There are 107 scientific and technical personnel in the “center” now, including 45 senior titles, 49 doctorate personnel, one Youth science and technology innovation talent,2 specially-appointed professors of The Pearl River Scholar Position and 2 Guangdong Outstanding Teachers. 

Guangdong Wen’s Foodstuffs Group allocated a total of about 2000 square meters as management, training and laboratory buildings. In addition, the center also can use the 2 testing farms and 4 swine breeding farms from Xinxing branching company as the center’s research bases. South China Agricultural University allocated a total of about 1500 square meters as the central laboratory and Official Buildings.

"The center" is consist of 6 departments: the General Management Department, engineering technology research and development department, Ministry of science and technology management department, training center, breeding and demonstration base, technology promotion and service department. Under engineering technology research and development department, there are 6 laboratories, including breeding-stock resource laboratory, breeding engineering technology laboratory, reproduction engineering technology laboratory, feed engineering technology laboratory,  swine disease control and prevention engineering technology laboratory, production facilities and information engineering technology laboratory. They are respectively responsible for the preservation and utilization of breeding-stock resource, swine breeding, swine reproduction, swine feed, swine diseases control and purification, swine production facilities and informatization and carrying out research and development works from these 6 aspects.  The laboratories are composed of academic leaders and key researchers. Now the center already established six research and development bases, they are Shuitai breeding farm, Shahu breeding farm, Shuitai reproduction farm, Qingyuan breeding farm, Dongcheng Comprehensive test site and Chegang breeding conservation farm.  

"Center" is carrying out engineering and technological researches and industrialization on the base of the main research direction. Undertake 87 projects at all levels, among them there are 49 national projects which of 76.6831 million funds, 37 Wen’s Funds projects which of 26.04 million funds.
Collection and preservation of 15 swine breeding-stock resources.Set up a breeding foundation group and pure breeding herd of 30 thousand sows.  Initially established a molecular marker polymerization, whole-genome selection, somatic cell cloning and frozen semen and other breeding methods. Carried out 10 special lines of breeding, set up 3 special lines and implemented the large-scale industrialization. Through the large-scale popularization and application of engineering technology and pig products, the center established a security system of swine provenance for 15 million commercial pigs and yearly created total social output value of 22.5 billion.